Winemaking, or vinification, is the production of wine, starting with selection of the grapes or other produce and ending with bottling the finished wine. Although most wine is made from grapes, it may also be made from other fruits or plants. Wine Kitz New Minas, Wine Kitz Digby and Wine Kitz Bridgewater offer a variety of wine kits, wine making supplies and equipment for customers to make their own wine or beer in their homes. Wine Kitz New Minas and Wine Kitz Digby also offer in-store winery services (u-vint) in which the expert staff will take care of administering/monitoring your wine making process in the store. For over 50 years, Wine Kitz been perfecting the consumer made wine experience. At any of our many wine making locations across Canada, you’ll discover the easiest, most enjoyable way to make your own quality wines – at a fraction of the price of comparable store bought wines. Wine Kitz is a recognized leader in the consumer wine making industry and crafts its own wine kits with grape juices from the world’s top vineyards. Every Wine Kitz wine making store is owned and staffed by friendly, decidedly unsnobby wine enthusiasts. We know the enjoyment of wine is an important part of life. Our wine consultants will help ensure the wine you make from our wine kits, complements your moods, meals and occasions and that the experience of making your own wine is enjoyable.
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